Elmira District Rod & Gun Club prides itself on being not just a shooting range, but a club for firearms and archery enthusiasts. In recent years as our membership has continued to grow we have experienced a sharp increase in the consumption of resources and use of our facilities while the number of volunteers and participants at events has remained relatively static. We have some of the lowest club dues in all of southern Ontario while offering some of the best and most diverse facilities in no small part due to the contributions of members who volunteer to help with the maintenance, events and committees that make us such a popular facility. In order to help keep rates low as well as to preserve our culture of community spirit and camaraderie, we are now taking additional steps to ensure the men and women who join us are the kind of people who are prepared to make a committment and be a part of our club rather than just show up to shoot twice a year and leave a mess. If this sounds like too much work, we're probably not the club for you.

In order to become a full member of the Elmira District Rod & Gun Club you will be required to complete our application process. During this period you will begin as a Prospective Member, attend two meetings and then serve a period of time as a Probationary Member before receiving your keys to the facility and full membership privileges. This is done to ensure all members are responsible firearms owners who will conduct themselves in accordance with the values and expectations of Elmira District Rod & Gun Club. Please note, none of these steps are negotiable.

Prospective Members

Prospective members begin by volunteering at two club events and securing a sponsor (existing member of not less than one year in good standing). If you do not know anyone at the club the best way to find a sponsor is to attend a club meeting (second Tuesday of every month at 8:00PM) or event and introduce yourself as someone looking to join. After completing two volunteer activities, prospective members must attend their first meeting.
Click here to obtain the Prospective/Probationary Member form used to record your volunteer activities and sponsor.

First Meeting

During your first meeting you will be expected to turn in your Prospective Member form and introduce yourself to the Club Executive. Ask to speak with the Membership Chair, he will provide you with a membership application which should be completed and returned at the meeting's end. Please ensure you have your PAL/POL license present as you will need the number from it as well as some standard identification to complete the application.

Police Records Check

In preparation for your second meeting you will be required to obtain a Police Records Check. To acquire this, go to your local Police Department and inform them that you would like to request a PRC for a Gun Club application. The Police will ask you to provide two pieces of identification, there is also a nominal fee charged as part of this process so be prepared.

Second Meeting

At your second meeting you will be asked to furnish your Police Records Check after which the Club will hold a vote on your application, if successful you will become a Probationary Member and be given back your PRC and asked to make payment on your dues as well as schedule a Safety and Range Orientation Course before you use our facilities.

Probationary Membership

Probationary Members must complete two separate shooting competency assessments before receiving keys to the facilities and permission to have guests. Each assessment must be recorded on your Prospective/Probationary Membership Form, witnessed and signed by a certified Range Officer or member of the Executive. When the form is complete, present it to the Membership Chair at a regular club meeting.


The standard annual membership rate is $175/year, plus a one-time $75 initiation fee for new members. Family membership rates are also available on request; this consists of a discounted rate for your or your spouse but does not include children. Current members who wish to renew their membership must do so by January 1st or they will be assessed a $25 late fee. Current members who have not renewed by February 1st will be assessed the full Initiation Fee should they choose to renew.


Keys will only be issued to new or returning members upon payment in full of dues. Once payment is complete, members will be required to claim their key, in person. Keys will not be mailed out nor will special appointments or exceptions be made under any circumstances. In the case of new members, applicants must first complete a full Range Orientation before they will receive their key. Keys are considered the property of the Club and should a member decide to leave or not renew their membership they must be returned or they will be considered stolen.


As a respected member of the community, the Elmira Rod & Gun Club strives to conduct itself in a safe and responsible manner at all times. As such, we have a 'One-strike and you're out' rule for any members who break range safety or conduct rules. For example; placing a target on a bunker or handling a firearm in an unsafe manner is sufficient to expel that member from the club. Be safe, use all safety equipment, appoint a Range Officer if there is more than one person shooting and always treat members and citizens with the respect that you in turn would expect from others. After being accepted into the club you will be asked to sign up for a Safety and Range Orientation Course before you use our facilities. During these courses the rules and safety regulations of the club will be explained to you and you will be given an opportunity to ask questions.

The Canagagigue Shooting Association (Pistol Club) is currently accepting new membership applications.


In order to be accepted into the Canagagigue Shooting Association, prospective members are required to first be a member in good standing of the Elmira Rod & Gun Club for a minimum of six months.

To Join

Obtain a Canagagigue Shooting Association membership application and request a Range Safety Course from our Club Range Safety Officer, these courses are scheduled on a request basis.

Canagagigue Application


Canagagigue Shooting Association meetings are held when requested after the Elmira Rod & Gun Club meetings.


The standard annual membership rate for the Canagagigue Shooting Association is $75/year; please note that this is in addition to your membership fees for the Elmira Rod & Gun Club. Fees collected for the Canagagigue Shooting Association go towards the cost of maintaining your ATT while those collected for the Elmira Rod & Gun Club take care of the ranges and facilities.

ATT (Authorization to Transport)

In order to transport Restricted firearms legally in Ontario, residents must be in possession of a Federal ATT (Authorization to transport) for target shooting. If you are a member in good standing who has successfully passed the safety courses and do not already have an ATT from another club, the Canagagigue Shooting Association Secretary will apply for your ATT. This process can take several weeks so apply early to avoid having to wait.